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Are Americans Really That Weak?

The TV offerings these days, by that, referring to the bulk of shows from America, has a tendency to distort ones view of the country. Apart from the plethora of police-procedural shows, which are great, it is amazing to see how much ‘reality’ TV has taken over. Biggest Loser, Amazing Race, and on the Crime and Bio channels stuff like Runaway Squad and Intervention.

A 15-year-old girl who ran away from home because her mother forced her to go to school. To school?

A young woman who took to drugs because her mother forced her to play the violin when she was 7. For real?

You can’t help but wonder… are American kids being spoilt, coddled and pampered into rottenness? Living in a country with access to so much opportunities, if only they were willing to work for it, and to throw it all away because ‘nobody understands me’ is a crying shame. Isn’t it? Talk about being a classic case of 生在福中;不知副。

For sure, for every one of these losers given their 45-minutes worth of dubious fame, there must be thousands of others who do good. Otherwise, the country would have imploded by now.

But there are no shows that portray kids doing good. Hmpf! Perhaps because watching other people screw up is more fun!


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Random Perspectives

Strange how at odd times, the Random Rambler starts thinking up things that one would wish to put in a blog. But not being one of the attention-seeking Gen Y, suddenly when confronted with one’s own blog, one is suddenly confronted with speechlessness.

Perhaps things will smooth out by itself. Perhaps it’ll get more comfortable as things roll along. After all, there are some things that need to be said – regardless if anyone sees it or not. Politically incorrect, crazy observations, and maybe even some fangirling? We’ll see.

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